Hi there yogi! I've got a question for you.

Why did you start yoga?

I'm willing to bet it was because you wanted to FEEL BETTER.

That is the reason most of us begin. You knew that yoga is good for you, and that you would feel better after. And it works! So you got hooked. You kept going to classes, then workshops. You started to learn more alignment, more complex poses, more complex anatomy. Maybe you became a yoga teacher.

But then something happens.

One day, you leave your practice feeling a bit achey. Or you find some niggles that won't go away. You ask a few teachers, and get more complex instructions. Some help, but others don't. Ouch!!!

Then what?

Yoga is an incredible technology of poses, exercises, breath work, cleansing techniques, imagery, and sequence. Through yoga we can experience peacefulness in the mind, vibrance in the body, a radiant sense of aliveness. Some of us experience profound transformations of our mental or physical state, deep healing and whole-ing. But along the way some of us get injured, and lose our love for it.

This is my own story. But it had another chapter.

In this chapter, I learned more about how the body is designed. How to move in with my body, instead of fighting against it. How to sense more deeply and gauge what is good for me, and what is not. How to do all the things that yoga teaches, like letting go of ego, dropping inside, feeling deeply. And in the process, I rediscovered the magic of my own human body, and the magic of yoga posture practice. This is what I want to share with you.

It was a practice of making yoga embodied. To guide the practice through movement, and my felt sense, rather than achieving forms (and yes, my forms got better too!).


GRACE & PRESENCE is Embodied Yoga


to move better. to feel better. to ride the waves of life, with greater truth and ease.

You can learn how to teach this way in Grace and Presence Teacher Training and Mentoring Courses and bespoke or private yoga and mentoring sessions. You can learn more about your own body and how it is designed through workshops, and soon, online courses. You can find your own creativity and poetry as a yoga teacher, supporting a more embodied practice through my Lab classes.

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Take a deep breath.

Drop into your own sense of yourself, and how you feel.



What is the experience?



This is the beginning of embodiment, of coming home to your body.

This is the beginning of embodied yoga,
where we practice to explore our landscape of sensation,
rather than a set of shapes.