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The last 13 years of my life have been dedicated to the practice and teaching of yoga as a means to deepening awareness, opening to compassion, self-love and connection with all beings. My work as a yoga teacher culminated in the creation of Grace and Presence Teacher Training and Mentoring Courses, and the founding of Sādhaka Yoga Centre in London.

I aim to continue the work of supporting teachers through writing and private and group mentoring sessions.

Since May 2014, my life has taken a different turn, with a fire that closed Sādhaka and a baby in March 2015. Still the practice of yoga informs all my life: bringing the light of awareness and space for reflection to the journey of motherhood. I am grateful for the lessons in responding with compassion to my child and my self, and deepening to what is essential in life.

My teaching practice is on hold until Autumn 2015. Teacher mentoring courses will resume in January 2016.

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