Grace & Presence Yoga London · Mollie McClelland Morris

GRACE & PRESENCE is Embodied Yoga


to move better. to feel better. to ride the waves of life, with greater truth and ease.

Yoga is a form that allows us to know ourselves better, to drop into ourselves, and activate ourselves as agents of our own lives. Embodiment is two fold.

Being in this body. Expanding our capacity to feel, to cope, to exist through life's challenges.

Embodiment is becoming conscious of our energies and how they serve our intentions. Choosing what qualties we embody with our practices.

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Are you a yoga teacher?

I work with teachers to activate their creativity as yoga teachers, and to navigate the particular challenges of teaching yoga. You might be interested in the FREE Intuitive Movement Mini course. It includes the Intuitive Movement Progression Chart, and some other super useful tools to help you think about how you use and adapt movement within your classes.

I also have a new online course, The Language of Embodiment in Yoga Teaching, to help you explore how to weave and encourage more embodiment in your classes, regardless of the sequences or poses you teach.

Are you a yoga student?

I currently teach open classes at Triyoga Shoreditch and Yogarise Peckham. I have a number of Free resources and articles about embodiment, anatomy and how you can enjoy your practice more. And I offer private yoga or movement sessions in London and Meon Valley, to help you with any unique movement challenges, including injury recovery, long term conditions, discomfort during movement, and overall sensitivity and postural awareness.

Are you curious about yoga and embodiment?

Take a deep breath.

Drop into your own sense of yourself, and how you feel.



What is the experience?



This is the beginning of embodiment, of coming home to your body.

This is the beginning of embodied yoga,
where we practice to explore our landscape of sensation,
rather than a set of shapes.