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About Mollie

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Mollie McClelland Morris

These are the principles that guide my life. Honesty. Authenticity. Sensitivity and study of this extraordinary human body. To whatever arises in the body and mind. To be with it as it is.

I am awed by our capacity for creativity. Everyone is creative; we generate and build. And we are given vision of our own life path through intuition, gut feelings, emotions and recurring thought patterns. We create our lives by clarifying that vision, believing it, and opening up to those visions becoming real. We shape our lives by how we approach and experience what happens. By cultivating pleasure, gratitude and joy. By feeling and expressing honestly. Our artistry appears in our words, movements and actions.

Yoga cultivates peacefulness, empathy, abundance and joy. I believe that a rising tide raises all boats, and so I believe in sharing knowledge, resources, perspectives. Let us together make yoga and yoga teaching an expression of human excellence. Let us share freely and abundantly so that we all rise up.

For years, I was a dancer. I studied yoga out of a fascination for prayer and devotion through the body. I studied in India and Japan, both artistic and devotional movement forms. I studied Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, New York, Pittsburgh and London, and received my first teacher certification from Ana Forrest. I have also done Teacher Training courses with Shiva Rea and SKY (Kundalini Yoga) as well as trainings with a variety of yoga visionaries.

Since 2001, I have found teaching to be a deep calling, and that through teaching I have better understood myself and the body, my emotions, my life path. After years of teaching, I created Grace and Presence Yoga Teacher Training and Mentoring Courses, to share the journey of awareness and becoming. I have studied and teach Franklin Method because it has given me a new set of tools for deeper awareness, embodiment and healthy movement.

To draw together the threads of my teaching, I was co-creator and co-director of Sadhaka Yoga Centre, until it was closed by a fire in 2014. It is currently dormant.

I am the mother of two girls. Pregnancy, birthing and motherhood have given me new perspectives on the body, on movement and on the power of the mind to shape our experience.

Yoga is a form. The wisdom that shapes it is formless. Asana practice is an expression of human potential and beauty. The body can be challenged into extraordinary shapes. But what matters is that we take the time out from busy-ness to be. To listen and to connect. To become more sensitive and embodied. Through learning yoga, we investigate the self, our nature and our purpose on the planet.

Grace is the body. Grace is what is given to us. It is moving through the ups and downs, the ins and outs, with beauty and integrity.

Presence is the mind. It is staying sensitive and true to what is. It is now.

Practice is the journey we are on. That we never arrive at perfection, but aim and aim and aim again. That we are all students and that learning is infinite.

Om is the syllable that represents totality. From the lightest light to the darkest dark. When we sound OM we acknowledge our role as co-creators of life. When we chant OM we come into harmony with each other. With all beings and all things. And with the divinity inside.



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