Yoga Videos for New Mothers · Mollie McClelland Morris

Yoga Videos for New Mothers

This blog post was written to support some new videos for NEW MOTHERS that are available on Movement for Modern Life. I have a few videos and blog posts there, so have a little look:

It is true in pregnancy, and is very true after birth: Every woman, every pregnancy, every birth is different. So the first thing to remember is that your journey is your own, and your progress need not be measured in regards to anyone else.

I gave birth to my daughter in March 2015. At this writing, she is 11 months old. Her birth was challenging, as all births are. I am proud and very grateful that my baby was born at home, without the use of pain relief, other than a birth pool, breathing techniques and my own mantras and visualisations from my birth preparation practice.

That said, the experience gave me the conviction that whatever a mother and her birth team need to do to birth the baby is fine. You don’t win any prizes for anything in birth and there is really no need to suffer unnecessarily.

After birth, the body is a cocktail of hormones, endorphins, fluids, emotions, cuts, scrapes, bruises, stitches in unique combinations. I was very active and feeling pretty ok in the days after birth, and still I was shocked by the difficulty of simple things – reaching a glass from the cupboard, going to the toilet. My pelvis felt wobbly in a way I have never experienced before.


or watch a teaser here: