Individual Yoga Mentoring Sessions · Mollie McClelland Morris

Individual Yoga Mentoring Sessions

       Getting started teaching?
       Opening a Studio?
       Questioning your next steps forward?
       Offering something new?
       Working with an injury?
       Unclear about your goals and desires?
       Needing a confidence boost?

How can you benefit from individual yoga mentoring sessions?

Every yoga teacher, studio owner, and wellness professional runs into challenges setbacks, conflicts or confusion at points in their career. Mollie offers a wealth of experience and a unique ability to help you see your situation and true intentions more clearly. Individual mentoring sessions addresses your unique questions in a self-directed way, with the benefit of someone to reflect, question and support you. From questions about business, pricing, studio managing to personal challenges, I offer a space where your own truth emerges from confusion.

Mentoring sessions last 1 or 2 hours and can be held over Zoom, telephone or in person.

We can simply chat or use tools of discussion, visualisation, meditation, intention setting, journalling and more. From there, we can clarify your goals and plan actions needed from a deep internal place. Because your process is unique, each session or set of sessions is unique.