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Yoga Teacher Mentoring

Mentoring Philosophy

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How can you bring your individuality, your unique life experiences to your teaching? Could you get more confident in your own knowledge and training? How do great teachers learn to teach authentically and powerfully? What do we need, as yoga teachers to successfully navigate the world of employment, self-employment, self-responsibility and creativity in sustainable and financially stable ways?

These questions are not easy, and there are so many more. In Yoga Teacher Training courses, there is rarely the time to delve into the questions, and often, it takes some basic experience teaching before you can even start to ask. I have been through it, and still go through it myself, as life shifts and changes.

What I know is that we all need guidance and space to explore. We can flourish with supportive feedback from peers and friends, teachers to offer new perspectives, and other professionals to help us with complimentary skills. We all have questions, concerns, fears, goals, ideas and desires that bubble away within us, which can hold us back or propel us forward.

The intention of these mentoring programmes to create space for
questioning and discovering among yoga teachers as equals - 

To uncover your unique gifts and build a successful career and great life,
living in alignment with your truth and your dharma.

Yoga Teacher Mentoring Programme

6 Month Mentoring Programme

Yoga Teacher Mentoring is a unique programme for qualified yoga teachers. Mentoring provides support, further training and connection to a community as you begin your yoga career. This 6 month programme is 120 CPD hours and can contribute towards 500 hour Teacher Training qualification.

2019-2020 Dates TBC

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Mentoring Courses & Workshops

Yoga Mentoring Courses & Workshops are an opportunity to explore a facet of yoga teaching in a safe, collaborative and experiential way. Mentoring workshops are focused on a single topic and use discussion and feedback from teacher and peers, self-reflections and creative visioning as well as yoga practice.

Mentoring workshops are open to teachers from any yoga tradition, as they are designed to help you discover personally relevant answers in alignment with your training and experience.


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