Why you might benefit from Yoga Teacher Mentoring · Mollie McClelland Morris

Why you might benefit from Yoga Teacher Mentoring

Maybe you have finished a yoga teacher training course, and are looking for ways to start teaching.
Maybe you are already teaching, but there are some aspects of the circumstances that you don’t love.
Maybe you want to refine your style as you get more experience.
Maybe you need to find your own path, and career.
Maybe you want a community to share openly and honestly with.

Mentoring is an investment in your yoga practice and teaching career. It is designed to help you build your confidence in your offering, build clarity around your business, and help you develop both personally and professionally by tuning into your own life path.

These, and more, are reasons you might benefit from mentoring. Here are a few examples of people who have joined the mentoring course in the past, and why.

  • C. was a personal trainer, who wanted to bring more yoga into her personal training work, as well as to start offering class through the gym she worked at and through corporate environments.
  • L. was teaching a class at triyoga Soho at 7am, but she was a more slow and mindful teacher. She was looking for a way to tailor her teaching to that audience, without losing her integrity.
  • A. had just moved to London and needed some help navigating the London yoga scene.
  • N. and F. did their yoga TT in India, and wanted a community and a teacher to work with in London.
  • H. was figuring out all the different corrections she had gotten from different teachers and wanted to work with one teacher to get to the bottom of some of her physical issues.
  • A. quit his day job, and wanted more confidence in his teaching.
  • E. had practiced for so long, but lacked confidence to share her wisdom and experience, because she didn’t feel like it fit into the yoga mold.

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