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Intuitive Movement Chart

What is the Intuitive Movement Mini-Course, and how can it help you?

Created after years of yoga practice, as well as dance, somatics, Franklin Method and other movement training, I created the Intuitive Movement chart to help you adapt and change movement in an intelligent, creative way. It is conceptual, giving you ideas for different avenues of play and exploration. It evolved into a mini-course with questions and a planning worksheet.

You'll get new ideas for evolving movement. Give your self-practices and classes more depth, texture and creativity than "regular" yoga classes.
You'll start to think differently about poses, sequences, and transitions. Clarify how you can make them more interesting and effective for the body and the mind.
And it will inject a refreshing bit of inspiration into your current teaching practice.


And it is free!


And with that, it is a blueprint for my current teaching programmes. I refer to it, dive into different aspects of it, explore the different concepts in more specific ways. I show you how I use these ideas creatively, but more importantly, how you can.

What you get?

To start with, you get a 3 email series with:

  • The Intuitive Movement Chart
  • Intuitive Movement: Questions for Inquiry
  • Intuitive Movement: Class planning worksheet

Then you'll get articles, access to webinars, and new ideas and reflections, at a gentle pace (I know you don't want daily emails you can't find time to read! I don't either)

Get Your Intuitive Movement Mini-Course HERE

Do you want a bit more guidance?

I've created an introductory video with 3 contexts for using the Intuitive Movement Chart. It isn't all rolling on the floor completely freely. In fact it is the opposite.

You can use the chart and video together to create structured explorations. It explores different avenues to use the chart within even very traditional yoga practice. You don't have to be practicing or teaching free movement to use the chart, you can be teaching Ashtanga!

Why the companion video?

The Intuitive Movement sheets are frameworks for inspiring your creativity. But maybe you haven't encountered these concepts before. Or maybe you would like to hear how they can be integrated practically. This video is an intro to how you can approach the concepts, within the yoga practice and teaching you ALREADY DO. It will give you a window into my own process, and hopefully, inspire yours.

Click here to watch


Thank you so much Mollie, this is GOLD. x 

– CW

Thank you so much for your time and for offering such insightful creative tools. I worked with the tools some last night and it was such a fruitful process to explore. It’s definitely the best method for class planning/sequencing that I have used thus far.