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Franklin Method Workshops @Samsara

As yoga teacher since 2001, I was accustomed to anatomical language, and thought I had a good grasp of body parts. When I first encountered Franklin method, it changed my yoga practice, it changed my body and my relationship with it. Franklin Method training is a system of understanding and embodying the function of our anatomy creating healthy and healing movement in anatomical, biomechanically sound and poetic ways. As we embody the function, yoga poses become more graceful, painless and efficient. The results might be greater flexibility and ease, but also more stamina, power and longevity in yoga practice. I am so grateful to share this material.

These workshops are Franklin Method Classes with time to explore how we can integrate the understanding and biomechanics into yoga practice and teaching. As a trainee Franklin Method teacher, these workshops are free of charge, but only this once!

Thursday 9 March

Day 1 : Pelvic Power: With focus on the pelvis, and the relationship of the bones in the pelvis to the femur and sacrum, we will explore both standing and symetrical pelvic and sacrum movements and walking or assymetical pelvic, femur and sacurm movements. We will also explore how language, thought and imagery can support our teaching. After unpicking some of the ways we use language as teachers, we will explore what is most effective, especially with regards to the pelvis, pelvic floor and hips.

Friday 10 March

Day 2: Spine and Shoulders: We are used to cues, such as lengthen the spine, but how does that relate to our spinal curves. In this workshop we will embody the function of the spine in movement, exploring the dance of spine and breath. We will also explore the bones of the shoulder girdle and free up their movement, creating more effortless movement, and less tension. This workshop is informative, dynamic and fun!

Workshops held at Samsara Mind and Body
205 Merton Road
SW18 5EE
T: 0208 874 4500

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