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Embodied Doula Services

Embodied Doula services, with bespoke pre- and post-natal yoga

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

The journey into parenthood is an incredible one, that brings us into the very nature of being human. It is a time when your body might feel alien, your lifestyle choices challenged by others in your family or community, and when you have to practice navigating by your own deep needs and wounds. Some women feel combinations of excited, scared, confident, afraid, primal and modern, and want support navigating through the process.

That is where a doula comes in. Doulas support you before, during and after birth as a non-medical, loving support, for your own unique needs.

During pregnancy

Have you been told "rest up now before the baby comes" only to find that you can't sleep and feel deeply uncomfortable in your own body? Have you gone to pregnancy yoga class and felt that it wasn't working for you, physically, but you couldn't figure out what to change? Or were you just a bit bored, and felt you could do better on your own?

For some people, being pregnant is hard enough, without constantly thinking about preparing for birth. For others, it feels like everyone is wrapping you in cotton wool, when you still feel physical and capable, although differently. Some people relish birth preparation, some prefer not to think about it.

Pregnancy can be a time that takes us deeper into our embodiment and intuition, or one that we struggle through because of sickness, discomfort and tiredness. Either way, yoga offers practices to support how we feel, how we connect to ourselves and to our babies, and to prepare physically for birthing.

There is no right way. You have to become the expert, the guide and authority over your own body.
This is when embodiment is a gift to pregnancy, and pregnancy is a gift to embodiment,
whatever the circumstances or choices you make.

For Birth

Your birth should be a time when you feel empowered, connected, respected and held, no matter your birth choices and preferences. From those who prefer an unmedicated physiological birth, to those who elect for a cesarean, all personal choices are that, personal.

As your doula, I am happy to discuss your choices with you, and help you find and filter information about the benefits, risks and evidence behind different medical procedures and offerings.


What are your wishes regarding baby feeding, sleep and carrying? What is the time frame for healing your own body, and where you you start? Is breastfeeding difficult, and how does it work? How will you navigate all the opinions from friends and family? And, whoa!  wouldn't you love a cooked meal!

In the post-natal period, there is so much focus on the baby, that the mother can get lost in the shuffle. Who is there to nurture and support the mother, even just to hold the baby so she can go to the toilet in peace? Working with a doula postnatally can help you ad your baby settle into a routine, and establish breastfeeding, or safe bottle feeding practices. As always, your choices are your own, but we make the best choices with current, evidence based information, and helpful support.

My approach is to offer a supportive ear and problem solving strategies, rather than right or wrong techniques, and to orient you to more information and support if needed.

Doula services

I used a doula for the births of both of my daughters, which helped me to have the kind of birth I wanted, and to feel supported in my choices. It gave me perspective on the value of having a non-judgemental support person, who is experienced with birth, to help navigate the moment of birth. My doula supported me, and also my partner, to deeply trust ourselves and the process.

I offer a birth doula package, which can include bespoke, 1-2-1 pre and post-natal yoga. Standard birth doula packages include 2 pre-natal and 2 post-natal visits, as well as being present for the duration of your birth.

Please contact for details.