Doula FAQ · Mollie McClelland Morris

Doula FAQ

What is a doula?

Doulas provide support for women and families during the time before, during and after birth. The purpose of a doula is not to offer any medical intervention, or influence your own birth or child rearing preferences.  Instead a doula will provide information and support as you navigate the journey of birth and new parenthood. Doulas are experienced with birth. We hold space for the birthing person and family to birth with dignity, and with their choices respected throughout the process.

Can I use a doula for a home birth?

In the UK, home births are supported by midwives for low risk pregnancies. A doula can help you achieve a peaceful home birth, by helping improve comfort, facilitate birth partners, answer questions, and filter information that passes to the birthing person. Most of all, a doula is a loving and supportive hand throughout.

Can I use a doula for a hospital or birth centre birth?

Absolutely. Where you birth your baby is your choice. Doulas are accepted into hospital environments as birth partners. A doula will be there exclusively for you, as opposed to a midwife who will have to look after other births as well. Your doula can help you navigate the choices and offerings given by the hospital at each stage of the process.

Why do you say embodied doula?

What distinguishes my work as a doula is that I work from an embodied perspective. I am able to help you understand the anatomy of birthing in felt way, and so can offer guidance on positions that might help you birth in the most comfortable way. From pregnancy yoga to postnatal healing, my work will help you stay in touch with your own body, and your own self, throughout the process of birth and beyond. This phase of life has magic and spiritual quality, as well as serious on-the-ground challenges. As a your doula, I can help you navigate the territory of both, to create as much ease as possible in this time.