24 May 2019 ~ Your Slinky Spine: yoga + anatomy + embodied movement · Mollie McClelland Morris

24 May 2019 ~ Your Slinky Spine: yoga + anatomy + embodied movement

24 May 2019
7:30 - 9:30 pm
£30 (£25 early bird until 17 May 2019)

triyoga Chelsea


When was the last time you hear someone say something positive about their spine? That their back feels great, and they love moving? Probably never. When we talk about our spines we say things like:

I've done my back. I have dodgy, bulging discs. My back is tight. My spine is so stiff. I'm always stiff. I really need these exercises, because I am so stiff.

It is ALL negative.

And even yoga teachers, we talk about activating muscles to "protect" the spine, as if it is fragile. Our alignment cues are based on techniques to "prevent injury", but we don't talk about what we might be able to feel. We know about different back problems and injuries but not about how we are designed to move. What we thank and talk about, we create. So if we think about stiffness and pain, we create... STIFFNESS AND PAIN.

This workshop will get you more in touch with functional movement spine, and how luscious it can feel to move with your design.

What can I expect?
~ A short anatomical exploration of the design of your spine, and spinal discs to feel some of the movement possibilities
~ Movement to expand your sensitivity of your spinal movements
~ A yoga flow full of slinky spinal movements, based around imagery for a healthy, flexible spine

What will I gain from this workshop?
You will explore a new paradigm for thinking about and moving your spine, helping to shift thought patterns around pain, protecting and immobility. Using imagery and anatomy, get inspired with new ways to improve the flexibility, mobility and pleasure of moving your spine, even if you have limitations or injuries.

From looking a the shapes of the vertebrae, we will see why some parts of the spine have less mobility, in certain directions, than others. We will explore the qualities of our discs, and what they need for good health and movement. And we will see the different types of spinal movements and how we can develop them in playful, and precise ways.

Who is this for?
Anyone who would like their spine to feel more flexible, supple and mobile in their yoga practice. Suitable for beginners and people with current or former injuries or back pain.