STRETCH 23 July ~ Relax Your Shoulders, Release Your Neck · Mollie McClelland Morris

STRETCH 23 July ~ Relax Your Shoulders, Release Your Neck

Relax your shoulders, release your neck (improve your down dog!)

This is a classic Franklin method workshop, applied for yoga students and teachers! Learn the anatomy of your shoulders in an embodied way to help decrease stress and tension, improve posture, sitting, breathing and of course yoga.

You will leave with short practical tools to release your shoulders throughout your day, a deeper sense of your design and how to align with it, and a more comfortable down dog.

Booking Information


3  - 5:30 pm

6b Ada Street, E8 4QU London, United Kingdom
020 7249 1733
£35 / £30 Stretch members

About Franklin Method

Franklin Method is a system of imagery and anatomical embodiment to help us feel better and move better in any movement modality, including the pedestrian movements we do all the time. Mollie uses Franklin Method to understand anatomical function and to unpick yoga forms and techniques to explore how they work, what they do, and how they can work best to create the desired effects in the mind and body.