2 March 2019 ~ pelvic floor WORKSHOP · Mollie McClelland Morris

2 March 2019 ~ pelvic floor WORKSHOP

the pelvic floor: demystify, understand + embody with Mollie McClelland Morris

Location: Triyoga Shoreditch

Saturday 02 March 2019
From: 14:30  – 17:00 
Open to all.
£30 (£25 early bird until 23rd February)

A workshop to demystify and embody the pelvic floor.

Because of its location and contribution to bodily functions that people consider “unmentionable”, the pelvic floor remains a body part that is a mystery to many. In some yoga classes we are asked to engage this muscle group, through reference to toileting, but if this only what these muscles are for, and how do they support our practice?What can I expect?
This workshop will be a precise embodied investigation (using anatomical language) of the pelvic floor muscles and how they work when we move and breathe using techniques from the Franklin Method. With dynamic strengthening and mobilisation exercises, we will experience how this improves flexibility, posture, functionality and sensitivity. We will then take this awareness into a yoga flow, and explore when and how to engage pelvic floor muscles to support a posture practice.What will I gain from the workshop?
Pelvic floor musculature is essential to our daily physical functioning, from walking, to breathing, to healthy and pleasurable sexual functioning, as well as elimination functions. Both men and women can suffer from chronic problems including tightness, weakness, laxity, numbness or improper functioning, which can affect hip joints, lower back, breathing and spinal ease and range of movement. This can come from singular events, such as injury, trauma or childbirth, or from habitual postural or emotional patterns, and can lead to various symptoms, pain or loss of function.

This workshop is for anyone with a pelvic floor, including pregnant women (with pregnancy safe adaptations to the yoga flow), pregnancy yoga teachers, mothers, men or women with issues around continence, constipation, frequent urination, or anyone who sense they might benefit from more sensitivity and connection to their own pelvic floor.