We are the change · 108 Sun Salutations for New Year January 2017 ·

8 Jan 2017: 108 Yoga Sun Salutations to Inspire the New Year

In the words of organiser Ali Bastian

‘Dream Big and Take Action…’  8 January 2017


These were the words of a dear friend of mine at an evening of lectures I was honoured to attend recently to mark 16 years since the death of Damilola Taylor. I was shocked and appalled to learn that London has lost 300 children to gang violence since his murder. The problem is clearly getting worse, not better.

As I understand it, this issue is a huge sociological one.. with youngsters feeling so isolated, so marginalised – living in a perpetual state of fear.. and feeling that there is not only no opportunity for them, but no choice. These are our children.

‘It takes a community to raise a child.’

There is a light.. charities like the DamilolaTaylorTrust.co.uk and 2020change.org are… ‘committed to providing inner-city youths with opportunities to play, learn and live their lives free of fear and violence, and with optimism for a future where opportunities flourish.’

A Call to Action….

My feeling.. We all need to stand up and be counted. I had a dream shortly after attending the lectures, I am taking action.. and I need your help. Let’s work together to support this work, while at the same time creating our own commitments and intentions for 2017.

I had the opportunity to experience this very powerful practice on my first Yoga teacher training.. after a few moments of reflection, expressed our individual intentions for our next chapter in words or drawings and sealed the intentions by doing 108 Sun Salutations together.

The energy in the room was palpable. We found a rhythm, we breathed together as a group and the experience was incredible… it has stayed with me.. and I feel now is the time to do it again.

To reflect on our personal intentions, those for the wider community.. and globally.

Who is with me?


Join Ali, Mollie and Nathalie Joel-Smith on Sunday 8th January in a beautiful studio overlooking Tower Bridge for a very special Intention Setting Yoga Practice.

Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu

‘May all being know peace. May our practice contribute to the well being of all.’

Many yoga practitioners make similar dedications at the beginning and/or end of their practice. But as busy people, many of us struggle to tangibly put those intentions into action. After a tumultuous year of loss and challenge on many different stages, this event will be an opportunity to retune, realign, set intentions and manifest them through activating our power, determination and unity.

What will we do?

108 sun salutations is a powerful practice that accesses our inner source of strength and perseverance and harnesses it in service of our highest goals and intentions. In this practice we will create intentions for our own lives as we transition into 2017. We will also reflect on ways that we can use our own energy in service of all humanity. The opportunity do this as a group amplifies the energy, and creates greater courage and expansion than one can do alone.

As a benefit for 2020change.org and the DamilolaTaylorTrust.co.uk to raise energy and awareness of the empowering work they do, all proceeds will go to the Damilola Taylor Trust and 2020 Change. But more than just funds, this event is also about raising awareness and creating community.

We welcome people of any level of experience with yoga, as we will review the sequence in the warm up. However, a general level of fitness would probably helpful. People with specific injuries are welcome, and we will make an effort to discuss how to modify the series if necessary.

WAIT WHAT! 108 Sun salutations?

108 is a sacred number used for mantra recitiation, and other sacred and transformational practices. The body and the group as a whole find a rhythm and the repetitive movements create a movement meditation. It is challenging, but also doable. And, there are a few things that can ease your mind – you can always pause in child’s pose. You can make modifications to the series for the sake of wrists or back (or any other) pain. You can stop if needed and just feel the energy. We will not hold Downward facing dog, but will move one breath per movement. The practice usually takes just over and hour, and we will warm up and wind down as part of the experience.

Organiser: Ali Bastian

Organiser of We are the Change: 108 Yoga Sun Salutations to Inspire the New Year

I am best known for being an actress in the Uk, playing regular characters in both Hollyoaks and ITV’s the Bill.  I was also a Semi-finalist in Strictly Come Dancing and have since appeared in the West End, toured with several theatre companies and am currently persuing my dream of working in Independant Film.  What you may not know about me – is that I’m a keen Yogi.

The practice will be lead by two very experienced London based Yoga teachers – Mollie McClelland Morris and Nathalie Joel-Smith. We will also have several other Yoga teachers on hand to help with any modifications and any other assistance that might be required.