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Yoga Teacher Mentoring Programme

Yoga Teaching Skills • Business Development • Personal Growth

Yoga Teacher Mentoring is a unique programme for qualified yoga teachers. Mentoring provides support, further training and connection to a community as you begin and refine your yoga career. Mentoring can help you increase confidence, find direction and develop your business as a yoga teacher. This 6 month programme can contribute towards 500 hour Teacher Training qualification.

The mentorship programme consists of threads of study woven together over two days per month.

Yoga Studies: Asana practice to experience and understand the physical and energetic effects in the mind / body network. This course is a small group course to ensure that every student receives careful individualised teaching.

Adjusting and Sequencing Asana: Creating challenging, interesting and unique classes. Learning to observe and offer assistance and adjustments to students. Adapting practices for injuries and unique bodies.

Anatomy of Movement: Functional and practical anatomy in movement to deepen awareness within physical practice.

Yoga Teaching: Learn to create a physically and spiritually nurturing environment in a yoga class. Using your own experience and training, define, refine and expand your creativity and confidence in your unique presence as a yoga teacher.

The Business of Teaching: Covering all aspects of the yoga teaching profession, from writing biogs to making websites. By understanding your unique strengths as a teacher, discover how to grow and build your business.

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The yoga teacher mentoring program includes:

  • 12 day-long workshop sessions over 6 months
  • Preliminary private 1 hour consultation to discuss goals, challenges, and career development strategies
  • Final private consultation to discuss progress and further steps
  • Opportunities for reflection, discussion and peer review
  • Teaching feedback, critique, and trouble shooting
  • Marketing, Website and Biography work
  • Individual research opportunities
  • A community of peers, whose support goes on after the programme finishes.


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Course Syllabus


Session 1: Advanced asana practice

Session 3: Deep back bends

Session 5: Bandha, core work and pranayama

Session 7: Teaching private clients and private client business

Session 9: Personal yoga research project

Session 11: Deep listening and observing

Location and Timing

Location and dates for 2019-2020 are currently under review and planning. If you would like to answer a few questions about how the Mentoring course might work best for you, you can fill in this survey.

Please email if you have any questions


Session 2: Teaching Inversions and advanced asana

Session 4: Building blocks, modifications and adjusting

Session 6: Teaching a deepened physical experience

Session 8: Injury rehabilitation and prevention

Session 10: Your unique offering as a teacher

Session 12: Your career development