Yoga Becomes You ~ 5 Day Experience

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JUNE 3 – 7 2019

In this 5 day experience, you will explore:

  • Deepening your sensitivity and sensuality
  • Tuning in to your intuition
  • Taking more pleasure in your environment and in your body
  • Creativity, joy and love from and for our own selves
  • Each sense, each day, with practical guided meditations, and opportunities to dive in even more.

About the course:

Wouldn’t you like every bite of food you eat to taste better? To enjoy your surroundings more fully? To feel even better in your yoga practice?
To have more sensuality in your life?

All of these are within you, waiting for you to tune into.

It doesn’t cost more money. It doesn’t require luxury. It requires luxuriating.
And without it, you could be missing out. Missing out on your own best life.

5 senses / 5 days / 5 minutes


Tune in more deeply to sense experiences.

Tune in more deeply to intuition, pleasure in your body
and space to connect to the message, creativity, joy
and love from your own self.


For 5 minutes a day (or more if you like), put down your phone and enjoy your body.  Enjoy the magic and beauty of your sense experiences, let them guide you to a more beautiful and rich life experience.

What you will get:

  • A daily email with audio and written content, that you can access quickly, or take time to dive into.
    • Content includes reflections, poems, images, writing prompts, and short meditations.


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