Embodied Yoga Immersion Weekend

Grace & Presence

Diving Deep: How an Embodied Approach can transform your yoga practice

21 - 22 OCTOBER 2017

In this practical weekend of yoga, movement, exploration, partner work and play you will explore new ways into your body and your sensitivity. This approach to Vinyasa flow yoga encourages healthy movement, deeper self-awareness, and joy in the moving body. This weekend is a stand alone course and/or an intro session to Grace & Presence Yoga Teacher Training.

A Weekend for Students, Teacher Trainees, and Yoga Teachers who want to explore a more embodied and creative approach to yoga practice.

  • Maybe you have been following all the instructions, but haven't really felt yourself in your practice?
  • Maybe the magic you used to feel in your practice is wearing off?
  • Maybe you would like a different approach to cueing your yoga poses?
  • Maybe you would like to break free of a more rigid practice... or maybe when teachers say "do what you feel" it is super scary!
  • Maybe you would like to learn how to better connect to the wisdom of your body?
  • Maybe you have some achey bits when you practice and you'd like to feel better?
  • Maybe you would like to enhance your understanding of anatomy as it pertains to movement?

Explore new ways to move with the body's wisdom and to invite your own feeling sense. Enhance your understanding of your anatomy dynamically. Find your own ways to heal your aches, make your practice more flowing, effortless and delicious!


Blank 100
100 De Beauvoir Road
Unit 5
N1 4EN


Course Fees

The weekend immersion is £195.

Students enrolled on Grace & Presence Teacher Training can join the weekend for £95.

Booking available from 15 July 2017