Embodied Yoga Immersion

Grace & Presence

Diving Deep: How an Embodied Approach can transform your yoga practice

12 - 17 November 2018

This immersive week is an deep dive into the magic of embodied practice: opportunity to deepen your relationship to yoga, within your body and your life.

Evolve your understanding, experience and personal relationship to yoga, nd feel the ripple effects out into all aspects of your being. Feel more to feel better.

Who is it for?

Students who wish to delve deeper into their practice.
Practitioners who are looking to make the step into teaching.
Current teachers expanding into and embodied experience of yoga practice.

This 6 day London immersion forms the first module of  the Grace and Presence Yoga teacher training, but can be taken as a stand alone course.

Embodied Yoga Immersion

This week of yoga & movement exploration, is an education in your body, from a felt sense of you. On an informative level, you will experience anatomy in a precise, clear and life changing way. On an experiential level, you will immerse yourself in the  philosophy and practice of embodiment. Focusing on personal practice at a depth that is uncommon in drop-in yoga classes, it will be an opportunity to come together in community, and discover what embodied yoga practice is. More importantly, you will feel what it feels like and how that can reverberates through your body and life.

This experience underpins Grace & Presence yoga teacher training course, and so the immersive week is foundation of your training, but will also transform how you experience your yoga, your body and your life.

Over the course of these six days you will

  • Integrate organic movement with traditional yoga
  • Strengthen your practice of asana
  • Explore pranayama and meditation
  • Approach asana, anatomy of movement, and healing sciences from an embodied perspective
  • Integrate the Grace & Presence formula of  Ground / Body / Space
  • Explore key anatomical embodiments of pelvis, shoulders, and spine
  • Touch on the science of body-mind practice - through exploration of the nervous system and mental aspects of physical training.

Location & Dates

UK Immersion

12 - 17 November 2018 - Location TBC


Advanced payment in full
£495 (early bird)
Course fees paid in full by 15 September 2018

£575 (regular)
Course fees Paid in full before the commencement of the course

Advanced payment in full for Embodied Yoga Immersion and Yoga Teacher Training
£3295 (early bird)
Course fees paid in full by 15 October 2018

Embodied Yoga Philosophy

When we say embodied, we mean feeling. The shapes or exercises are not the goal themselves, but a means to develop focus and become more perceptive to our nature. We ask you to bring your full being to your yoga practice. We ask you to turn off phones and screens and sit quietly, so you develop the ears to listen in. We will ask you to strip back your movement and focus on your breath, so you become more sensitive to your perceptions. We will show you bones and let you touch them, so you can visualise within. We will ask you to inquire, experiment, and share your findings. We will give you space to dance, explore, play and sit in nature, to get out of your head and into your body. You will make shapes that challenge you, flow through sequences that unwind you, play with movements that feel delicious to you, and others that will bring healing, growth and inspiration.

Whether your yoga practice has been fast and dynamic, or slow and subtle, there is space in the practices to deepen, strengthen and expand your practice, because the challenges are led by your own exploration, your own energetic investment, and the space to play within.