Teacher Testimonial • Avik

Having now just over a year to reflect there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think about and reflect upon the time I spent on the teacher mentoring course. I was going through a massive period of change in my personal life with employment and kids and without that being the aim, I felt supported with those things as much as with the yoga. Because of the duration of the teacher mentoring there was also scope for as much inner yoga as outer yoga. I think it would be difficult to get the same amount of ‘work’ done within a 4 hour workshop. And to top it all off, Mollie held the space so perfectly. A person with over 15 years (??? I”m guessing???) of teaching experience within the USA and UK, a studio owner and also running her own yoga teacher training program you get A LOT of great feedback. You know she’s taught a lot of souls and so she’s definitely seen the good, the bad and the ugly! And more importantly I always got the feeling that she was constantly learning herself. She was never afraid to hold back information in terms of her own growth & struggles. It really was open. And through that I felt more supported. It was 12 days of my life that I will hold dear to me forever.