Jump Start January!

We all set similar New Years resolutions... Eat healthier... Exercise more... Eat healthier... Exercise more...

What do we want? To refresh and recharge, to improve our bodies, feel younger again, more active. We want feel better in our lives. But we don't always know how to do it!

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How would you like to feel throughout 2019? Inspired? Aligned? Healthy? Nourished?


JUMP start January!

Last year, I teamed up with Anne Foussé to share easy recipes to sneak healthy habits into your daily life! Her recipes are full of taste, colour and nutritional goodness.  And you can easily incorporate into your week – not too fussy, not too complicated, just tons of goodness. This year, I'm adding a few tips and tricks from some other people too (including chocolate).

✧ Recipes to help you feel nourished and full, without feeling stuffed and heavy.

✧ Physical practices to improve your mood, posture, health that add moments of calm into your life.

✧ Challenges to help you align your daily life to your health and wellness goals.

and the best part is...


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