Intuitive Movement Chart

What is the Intuitive Movement Chart, and why do you want it?

Created after years of yoga practice, as well as dance, Franklin Method and other movement training and studies, this chart will help you think about how to adapt and change movement in a creative way. It is conceptual, giving you ideas for different avenues of play and creativity.

You'll get new ideas for adapting movement so your self-practices and classes have more depth, texture and creativity than "regular" yoga classes.
You'll start to think differently about poses, sequences, transitions and how you can make them more effective for the body and the mind.
And it can inject a refreshing bit of inspiration into your current teaching practice.

And it is free!

And with that, it is a blueprint for my current teaching programmes. I refer to it, dive into different aspects of it, explore the different concepts in more specific ways, showing you how I use these ideas creatively, but more importantly, how you can.

What you get?

To start with, you get a 3 email series with:

  • The Intuitive Movement Chart
  • Intuitive Movement: Questions for Inquiry
  • Intuitive Movement: Class planning worksheet

Then you'll get articles, access to webinars, and new ideas and reflections, at a gentle pace (I know you don't want daily emails you can't find time to read! I don't either)

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