Hip Mobility flow · Embodied Vinyasa Flow Yoga · Mollie McClelland Morris

Hip Mobility flow

This video will help you warm up, and loosen up your hip joints, but first, you have to know and feel where they are. Even if you know consciously, it is helpful to do the process again. Your mind will have a better map of your body, you will improve your proprioception, which can improve your flexibility, mobility and ease of movement.

There is a tricky transition in this practice, so if you have some yoga blocks, you might want to have them handy.

It is always helpful to use positive, kinasthetic imagery when you move, so as you explore your hip joints, instead of letting your mind think about how stiff, tight or achey you are, start to think about how you want your body to feel. You can create little affirmations, or movement words that you engage with (either mentally or out loud) as you move. I love to feel that my hip joints are smooth and oily, loose and juicy. I love to feel the bones and muscles sliding, rolling, curling. And so as I am doing the movement, I say these words to myself. It can make the movement feel so much better, and the practice becomes more embodied: connected to the feeling sense. You can connect to your own words, think about how you would like your pelvis and hip joints to feel. Frame it in the positive, and keep cultivating that feeling in your body as you move.