1 December ~ the flow of breath: for Physical and Spiritual Practice · Mollie McClelland Morris

1 December ~ the flow of breath: for Physical and Spiritual Practice

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Anatomy and Embodiment for Physical and Spiritual Practice

"Inhale, Arms Reach up. Exhale, dive forward."

In yoga we are constantly instructed to breathe. It is one of the fundamentals of yoga practice. And yet, so many of us struggle with breathing in our postures without understanding why. Why is it so hard to breathe when you practice? Is it just a matter of stamina and strength or are there other factors? Are we serving the breath by our alignment instructions?

"Come back to the Breath"

The breath can take us deeper into our awareness, mindfulness or spiritual practices. It can also keep us in the monkey mind. How embodying our breathing function can lead us to more deep meditative states? How can breath techniques create effortless mindfulness?

Where do we breathe? How do we breathe? What are these different breath techniques doing? Breathing is one of the fundamentals of yoga practice, but can also be a mysterious process. In this session, we will learn the movements of muscles and bones that facilitate breathing, and explore how anatomical embodiment can prepare us for dynamic physical training and peaceful spiritual practice.

This workshop will combine yoga practice with embodied anatomical study using the Franklin Method. You will leave understanding breathing better, and finding new space to breathe in the body.

Booking Information

FRIDAY 1 December 2017

1 pm - 4 pm

 yoga arch
Arch 265, Urlwin Street,
London, SE5 0NG




About Franklin Method

Franklin Method is a system of imagery and anatomical embodiment to help us feel better and move better in any movement modality. Mollie uses Franklin Method to understand anatomical function and to unpick yoga forms and techniques to explore how they work, what they do, and how they can work best to create the desired effects in the mind and body.