1 June 2019 ~ Building inversions: Finding your weaknesses, finding your strength

1 June 2019
2:00 - 4:00 pm

Yogarise Peckham


In my own yoga practice, learning handstands has been one of my slowest processes. I spent years practicing handstands that didn’t progress, because I didn’t figure out the underlying weaknesses in my body which prevented improvement. Through understanding the biomechanics of the shoulder and spine, as well as specific conditioning exercises for handstands, my own practice has improved immensely! And in the process, some of the deeper weakness in my body have become clear. This understanding has helped my practice, posture and overall well-being.

We will work with three key areas for inversions: shoulders, abdomen, and pelvis. Consequently, we will figure out where our own strengths lie. Specific exercises and movements, show us how to work with our challenges, and therefore, progress.

This workshop is part biomechanics, part conditioning, part movement play and part yoga, integrated with a thread of embodiment. Together this will help you learn the elements of handstands (and other inversions), and key practices to build up strength, stamina and balance. You will leave with ideas for short, at home routines to help you progress in your inversions. These routines have an added benefit of releasing shoulder tension, and feeling great.

Open level workshop - beginners and seasoned yogis welcome!

2 hours for £25
Studio 2, Peckham